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(a)  Describe dynamic equilibrium.

(b)  Nitrosly chloride, NOCl decomposes into nitrogen monoxide, NO,  and chlorine gas, Cl2. The Kc for the reaction is 0.00350.

(i)     Write balance equilibrium reaction equation for the reaction.

(ii)    Write the Kc expression.

(iii)   The initial concentration of NOCl, NO and Cl2 in the reaction vessel are 0.0120M, 0.00280 M and 0.00230 M respectively. Determine the direction of reaction in order to reach equilibrium.

(iv)   Calculate the concentration of NO at equilibrium.



Give Kp at 400 °C for the following equilibrium, NH4Cl(s)   =  NH3(g)   +   HCl(g)   Kp = 32

Calculate Kc.



A vessel contains 0.0015 M hydrogen gas, H2,  0.0018 M bromine gas, Br2 and 0.035 M HBr gas is allowed to reach equilibrium at 480 °C. The concentration of HBr at equilibrium is 0.0225 M. Calculate the concentration of H2 and Br2 at equilibrium.



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